Our Story

Borderlands Brewery started in 2019 when man, Stuart, decided to take his love of brewing to the next level.

Our flagship beer, Esk Blonde, was born - and it was a hit. The beer that built the brewery had locals queuing out the door.

Seeing the potential with local interest in his beer, Stuart made the decision to expand doubled brewing capacity to 450 litres. Borderlands expanded its offering, with Stuart starting to experiment with more flavours, techniques and ingredients.

We continued to sell out on a monthly basis and expand rapidly. Becoming more and more involved in the local community, creating custom beers for festivals and fundraisers.

In 2023, Stuart's son, Fergus, joined the brewery with a view of increasing the captive audience and growing the brewery.

We are a proper craft brewery with zero automation. The entire process is authentically manual, with each small batch beer made with love by Stuart and Fergus themselves. This is the traditional way that real craft beer was made. As a nanobrewery, our processes are as authentic and hands-on as they could possibly be. This hands-on process allows us to assure the quality of every single beer that leaves the door. Every aspect of making the beer is a labour of love - if you visit us you can really see how manual it is!

As of 2023, we now have more than 40 trade customers around Dumfries, Galloway and Cumbria, but are continually growing.

Our Oyster Stout was the winner of the Carlisle Beer Festival’s ‘Best Beer Award 2023’ against national competition. We are always seeking to push ourselves creatively, seeking unique and modern twists on traditional beer. Borderlands is also proud of its relationships with other brewers and local businesses - collaborations with EU brewers, a pale ale to raise funds for our local Langholm rugby club, a partnership with Gretna Green and a beer created from a Ukrainian brewery’s recipe in which all proceeds went to the Ukrainian relief fund. 

We are very proud of our business and our beer.

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